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About Us 绿秀中医健康养生集团

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In 1998, the Green Show (GS) health brand, a traditional Chinese medicine health care brand that specializes in regulating sub-health conditions and health beautification, was born;


In 1999, GS and China Pharmaceutical University jointly established the GS Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Research Base;


In 2000, GS officially signed a raw material supply agreement with Beijing Tongrentang, a century-old store;


In 2001, GS officially signed a technical cooperation agreement with Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;


In 2003, the GS TCM Health Hall of Fame was officially established as an activity platform for Chinese TCM professors and experts;


In 2005, the first overseas (Japan) franchise store of GS traditional Chinese medicine health brand was officially established;


In 2006, GS Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Research Base - GS Ecological Villa was established;


In 2008, GS was officially absorbed as a governing unit by the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine;


In 2010, GS established a world-class traditional Chinese medicine health care group based on Hong Kong;


In 2011, Guangzhou Greenshow, the operational headquarters of Greenshow China, was established to serve the national market;


In 2012, New GS made a strong presence in the market;


In 2013, the GS Global Health Culture Holiday Camp Alliance was established to manage healthy wealth with a new health culture;


In 2014, GS Health successfully became the president unit of the Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Culture Promotion Association;


In 2015, GS’s Green Kangyuan • Qi and blood conditioning brand was born;


In 2016, GS grandly launched the V honey ancient recipe brand;


In 2017, GS established June 6 every year as GS People’s Day;


In 2018, GS launched a ten-year strategy to provide skills class education and achieve the goal of becoming a Wandian traditional Chinese medicine service provider -------


In 2019, "Skills Class Education" and public welfare lectures were fully implemented.


In 2020, GS comprehensively integrated patent projects and decided to use medicinal moxibustion and hot compress technology to promote traditional Chinese medicine flagship technology for the enterprise.


In 2021, the "Transaction Training Camp" will be fully implemented to launch new methods, new marketing, and new strategies for popularizing traditional Chinese medicine health care.

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